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Guaranteed Rent.
Long Term Contracts. 


Introducing LongTerm Lettings, experts in providing landlords with an A-Z lettings solution focused on long-term, annual (upward only) rent-review contracts. 

A network of over 1,000 pre-screened, and pre-qualified long term tenants actively looking to add to their portfolio. LongTerm Lettings will change the rental industry domestically, offering a uniquely, mutually beneficial lettings concept between landlord & tenant.

Lets made Simple. Long-Term.

Residential building
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A retained network of 1000+
Long-term Tenants

We work directly with landlords to offer a completely bespoke, and unique, service offering. By presenting your rental property to its necessary investor audience, we are able to achieve above market rate rental rates, attached to longer term contracts....without charging you a monthly 'rental collection' fee!

A Simple Company Let.

Our company let agreements, drawn up by solicitors and approved by agents, have been designed to create a fully passive rental income streams over extended periods of time...

3-5+ Year
Contract Length

6-12 Month
Break Clause Flexibility

Annual Upward-Only 
Rent Review

Zero Management / Maintenance Fees

Above Market Rate
Rental Returns

Maximised Future
Property Value

Long-term letting, light work

Balcony View
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Looking to rent your property? Get a 3-5 Year, Passive quote today!


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