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Invest Off-Plan.
Generate     Passive income. 

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

Residential Property Investment. Off-Plan.

Invest in the Top Performing UK Locations

Buy in At a

10-15% Below Market Value (BMV) 

Explore Yields

of 10%+ on Exclusive Property Deals

Exercise our Guaranteed Rental Option

Hands-Off Management Implemented to Make Your Investment Fully Passive 

Take a Sneak Peak at our Latest Developments

We understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for most investors. Whether your focus is income, capital growth, or a blend of both, we have opportunities that align with your investment strategy.

Our process offers a unique A-Z solution for property investment, by offering expert support across strategy selection, opportunity sourcing, deal negotiation and market analysis, and an active after-care service. 

Modern Housing Complex
Luxurious Bathroom

Partnering with 
the Industries 
Best...It's What we do.

Our collaboration with property developers involves managing a comprehensive marketing plan, leveraging our network of skilled professionals and a vast sub-agent network deeply knowledgeable in the new build investment market. This approach ensures optimal profitability and efficient sales operations.

We typically look for off-plan residential projects in the key regional cities across the UK.

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P H A S E 

Speak to Specialist Consultant to find your ideal property investment

P H A S E 

Secure your Chosen Opportunity

Not to worry...our team of dedicated after-care professionals will hold your hand and navigate you through this entire process.
P H A S E 

Watch your Property Value Grow Throughout Construction

On average, we see 10-15% uplift on your property upon completion.
P H A S E 

Pre-Agreed Guaranteed Rental Options to Increase ROI


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Access Our Full Range Of  Off-Market 
Property Deals

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